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Learn more about all of our remarkable and inspirational speakers representing 81 countries on six continents.

  • Hyeonseo  Lee

    Hyeonseo Lee

    North Korean student, activist, and refugee who returned after more than 10 years to help her family make a daring escape to South Korea.

  • Ghazi  Gheblawi

    Ghazi Gheblawi

    Libyan blogger, author, and activist.

  • Abebe  Gellaw

    Abebe Gellaw

    Exiled Ethiopian journalist and founder of Addis Voice.

  • Andrew  Feinstein

    Andrew Feinstein

    South African scholar and author of “The Shadow World,” an exposé of the global arms trade.

  • Irwin  Cotler

    Irwin Cotler

    Canadian parliamentarian and leading human rights lawyer.

  • Nick Cohen

    Nick Cohen

    British journalist and author of “You Can’t Read This Book,” about 21st century censorship.

  • Yulia Marushevska

    Yulia Marushevska

    Ukrainian graduate student featured anonymously in a powerful viral video, titled “I Am A Ukrainian.”

  • Urmila  Chaudhary

    Urmila Chaudhary

    Abolitionist and former child domestic slave under the kamalari system of Nepal.

  • Scott  Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter

    Principal at Google Ideas, the company’s “think/do tank.”

  • Aron Kader

    Aron Kader

    Palestinian-American comedian.

  • Jean-Robert  Cadet

    Jean-Robert Cadet

    Haitian abolitionist and former child restavec, or forced domestic slave.

  • Denis  Bilunov

    Denis Bilunov

    Russian pro-democracy activist, writer, and journalist.

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