Amira Yahyaoui

Activist and founder of Al Bawsala

Amira Yahyaoui is a Tunisian human rights activist and the founder of Al Bawsala, a non-governmental organization that works to protect freedom of expression and other human rights in Tunisia by monitoring the constitutional assembly. During the Ben Ali regime, she worked with freedom of expression and anti-censorship movements. As a teenager, she was persecuted for her activism and eventually banned from the country for four years. In 2011, she created, an Internet platform that publicized the voting records of the constitutional convention. In 2014, her efforts with Al Bawsala helped lead Tunisia to adopt a new constitution that upheld democratic ideals, individual rights, and government transparency, and she was awarded the 2014 Conflict Prevention Prize by the Fondation Chirac. In 2015, Yahyaoui was awarded the Global Leadership Award at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards. In 2017, she founded Mos, a financial technology platform that provides university students with financial guidance and aid.

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