Andrew Feinstein

Andrew Feinstein

Former Member of the National Assembly of South Africa

Andrew Feinstein is an academic, writer, and former member of the South African Parliament. Feinstein was elected to the South African Parliament as a member of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1994. As a parliamentarian, Feinstein investigated and exposed a massive and corrupt arms deal that implicated top government officials. He resigned from the parliament in 2001. He is the author of two internationally acclaimed books, “The Shadow World,” a behind-the-scenes exposé of the global arms trade that examines the deadly collusion between senior politicians, weapons manufacturers, and arms dealers, and his personal memoir, “After the Party: Corruption, the ANC, and South Africa’s Uncertain Future.” He is the founder and executive director of Shadow World Investigations, an organization that monitors and exposes corporate bribery and its impacts on governance, democracy, and development. He is an associate with Global Partners Governance, a nonprofit that supports politicians, ministers, and civil servants to strengthen their institutions across 40 countries and helps to manage change in some of the world’s most complex and sensitive political environments.

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