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The Gambia’s Silenced Dissent

Gambian born journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh bemoans the state of affairs in her beloved Gambia; once a peaceful country, for the past 20 years it has been ruled under the iron fist of president Yahya Jammeh. Manneh returned to The Gambia in 2007 for the funeral of her father, only to be immediately detained for her journalism on charges of sedition and disseminating false information. While Manneh managed to find exile in the United States, most Gambians are not so lucky; hundreds of Gambians have fledinto exile, have been brutally murdered or disappeared by the government fordaring to protest the daily tyranny the live under. Manneh tells us that, in order to defeat tyrants, we must stare them in the face and expose their crimes of the world to hear.

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