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Omar Mohammed


2018 OFF in Oslo


Omar Mohammed is an Iraqi historian and the voice behind Mosul Eye, a blog that documents the atrocities committed by the terrorist group ISIS. Despite the constant threat to his life, Mohammed updated the blog diligently for over a year and was able to save many lives through his journalism and the geolocation of trapped families. Now that Mosul has been liberated, Mohammed took to the Oslo Freedom Forum stage to reflect upon the destruction left in ISIS’ wake and his determination to bring back music and art to his richly cultural and historic city.
Dalia Hatuqa & Philippa Thomas _ Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Dalia Hatuqa , Philippa Thomas
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023
Hanna Liubakova _ Unleashing Hope for Freedom

Unleashing Hope for Freedom

Hanna Liubakova
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Lucy Kassa - Ethiopia’s Murky War _ 2022 Oslo Freedom Forum

Ethiopia’s Murky War

Lucy Kassa
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/25/2022
Agnes Callamard & Phillippa Thomas - Standing for Human Rights in a Changing World _ 2022 OFF

Standing for Human Rights in a Changing World

Agnes Callamard, Philippa Thomas
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/23/2022
Hatice Cengiz _ In Conversation with Thor Halvorssen

In Conversation with Thor Halvorssen

Hatice Cengiz
2021 OFF in Oslo | 10/04/2021
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