Building a Free Syria One Town at a Time

Raed Fares


2017 OFF in Oslo


Raed Fares was a Syrian pro-democracy activist, citizen journalist, and civil society organizer. In his OFF speech, Raed talks about how he uses satirical protest banners and cell phone videos to tell the outside world what is happening in Kafranbel.

Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Dalia Hatuqa , Philippa Thomas
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023

Nicaraguan Democracy Advocate

Félix Maradiaga
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023

Unleashing Hope for Freedom

Hanna Liubakova
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023


Sanaa Seif
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023

All for the Land of Snow: A Story of Tibetan Resilience

Chemi Lhamo
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/24/2022

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