Unmasking Evil

Elie Wiesel


2010 OFF in Oslo


Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien explore the perils of indifference, the importance of memory, and the power of empathy.

Nothing Left to Fear: The Struggle for a New Somalia

Fartuun Adan
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/28/2019

Banks Not Tanks

Garry Kasparov
2014 OFF in Oslo | 05/13/2014

Mali's Islamist Takeover

Afua Hirsch
2013 OFF in Oslo | 05/14/2013

Forced to Fight

Kimmie Weeks
2012 OFF in Oslo | 05/09/2012

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Leymah Gbowee
2011 OFF in Oslo | 05/11/2011

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