Forced to Fight

Kimmie Weeks


2012 OFF in Oslo


Kimmie Weeks is a Liberian children’s rights activist and former refugee. He shared his fight against the use of children in armed conflict and his work disarming and rehabilitating child soldiers in his home country of Liberia.

One Day Seyoum

Vanessa Tsehaye
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/30/2018

Ending Child Marriage: A Future of Hope for Girls in Malawi

Memory Mbewe
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2019

Superheroes Against Extremism

Suleiman Bakhit
2014 OFF in Oslo | 05/13/2014

Wedding Busters

Shorna Shahida Akter
2014 OFF in Oslo | 05/13/2014

Banks Not Tanks

Garry Kasparov
2014 OFF in Oslo | 05/13/2014

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