The Power of Open Source

Lyn Alden, Jack Dorsey 


2024 OFF in Oslo


Jack Dorsey is an American Internet entrepreneur and programmer, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, and current head of payments company Block, Inc. He is an investor and supporter of open-source communications and financial software, and has backed numerous initiatives to help grow Bitcoin, Nostr, and open AI systems worldwide. Lyn Alden is the author of “Broken Money,” a history of how currency has transformed from a bearer instrument with various freedom benefits into a tool of electronic control. She is also an independent financial analyst and prolific writer about global economics and their relationship with individual freedoms. She will join Jack Dorsey on stage for a conversation about decentralized finance, social media and AI.
Christopher Balding _ Big Data and Human Rights

Big Data and Human Rights

Christopher Balding
2020 OFF in Oslo | 09/24/2020
Preet Bharara and Bill Browder - The Struggle for Justice Around the World

The Struggle for Justice Around the World

Preet Bharara, Vladimir Kara-Murza
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/28/2019
George Ayittey _ Africa's Military Scourge

Africa's Military Scourge

George Ayittey
2012 OFF in Oslo | 05/08/2012
George Ayittey - Defeating Dictators

Defeating Dictators

George Ayittey
2011 OFF in Oslo | 05/10/2011
George Ayittey _ A Tyrant’s Best Friend

A Tyrant’s Best Friend

George Ayittey
2011 OFF in Oslo | 05/10/2011
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