Big Data and Human Rights

Christopher Balding


2020 OFF in Oslo


Christopher Balding is a leading expert on the Chinese economy and financial markets. At OFF 2020, Christopher Balding reveals the findings of his latest research project on how the Chinese government is expanding its technological influence to monitor and oppress innocent civilians.

The Long Tentacles of Rwanda’s Dictatorship

Carine Kanimba, Michela Wrong
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/24/2022

All for the Land of Snow: A Story of Tibetan Resilience

Chemi Lhamo
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/24/2022

A Surveillance Story

Arthur Holland Michel 
2021 OFF in Oslo | 10/04/2021

Disinformation, Bitcoin, and the Open Internet

Jack Dorsey 
2020 OFF in Oslo | 09/25/2020

My Journey from North Korea to America

Grace Jo
2017 OFF in Oslo | 05/23/2017

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