The Global Jihadist Insurgency

Maajid Nawaz


2016 OFF in Oslo


Maajid Nawaz is an author, politician, and founding chairman of Quilliam, a think tank that focuses on integration, citizenship and identity, religious freedom, extremism, and immigration. He spent 15 years recruiting people for radical Islam and five years in an Egyptian prison. After discovering secular liberalism, Nawaz wants to help bring down ISIS. He takes the stage at the Oslo Freedom Forum to convince the leading countries in the war against terror that they’re doing almost everything wrong.
Felix Maradiaga _ Nicaraguan Democracy Advocate

Nicaraguan Democracy Advocate

Félix Maradiaga
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023
Sanaa Seif - #FreeAlaa


Sanaa Seif
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Carine Kanimba & Michela Wrong _ The Long Tentacles of Rwanda’s Dictatorship

The Long Tentacles of Rwanda’s Dictatorship

Carine Kanimba, Michela Wrong
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/24/2022
Glacier Kwong _ Into a Wind of Tear Gas_ The Truth About Activism

Into a Wind of Tear Gas: The Truth About Activism

Chung Ching Kwong 
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/25/2022
Akida Pulat _ A Daughter’s Call for Justice

A Daughter’s Call for Justice

Akida Pulat
2021 OFF in Oslo | 10/04/2021
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