Notes to My Activist Self

Wael Ghonim


2018 OFF in Oslo


Wael Ghonim is an Egyptian Internet activist and computer engineer. In his talk at the 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum, Ghonim shares his experiences dealing with public attention and persecution after the protests and gives advice to future advocates about the personal and communal obstacles of inciting systemic change.
Dalia Hatuqa & Philippa Thomas _ Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Dalia Hatuqa , Philippa Thomas
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023
Hanna Liubakova _ Unleashing Hope for Freedom

Unleashing Hope for Freedom

Hanna Liubakova
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Sanaa Seif - #FreeAlaa


Sanaa Seif
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Chemi Lhamo _ All for the Land of Snow_ A Story of Tibetan Resilience

All for the Land of Snow: A Story of Tibetan Resilience

Chemi Lhamo
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/24/2022
Omar Alshogre - Mit Warde (100 Flowers)

Mit Warde (100 Flowers)

Omar Alshogre
2022 OFF in Oslo | 05/23/2022
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