Coming Out in the Middle of a Revolution

Omar Sharif Jr. 


2016 OFF in Oslo


Omar Sharif Jr., the grandson of film star Omar Sharif, is an Egyptian actor, model, and LGBT rights activist. Grandson of Omar Sharif. Actor. Model. “Egypt’s favorite son.” Omar Sharif Jr. has been given a lot of labels, but the one he shared with the world in 2012 changed everything. He’s gay. And when he decided to reveal his secret during the middle of a revolution, he turned his entire world upside down. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, Sharif explains why he gave up the prestige he inherited from his family in order to help LGBT Muslims around the world.
Toribia Lero Quispe - Bolivia's Authoritarian Drift

Bolivia's Authoritarian Drift

Toribia Lero Quispe
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Pastor Kim - One Pastor’s Rescue Mission

One Pastor’s Rescue Mission

Pastor Seungeun Kim
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Abraham Jiménez Enoa _ The Hidden Island_ Unmasking the Cuban Dictatorship

The Hidden Island: Unmasking the Cuban Dictatorship

Abraham Jiménez Enoa
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/14/2023
Victor Navarro - Surviving Venezuela’s Torture Chamber

Surviving Venezuela’s Torture Chamber

Víctor Navarro
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023
Dalia Hatuqa & Philippa Thomas _ Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Honoring Shireen Abu Akleh

Dalia Hatuqa , Philippa Thomas
2023 OFF in Oslo | 06/13/2023
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