Lina Ben Mhenni

Tunisian activist and author of the popular blog “A Tunisian Girl”

Middle East and North Africa

Lina Ben Mhenni was an activist and the author of the popular blog A Tunisian Girl. Based in Tunis, she reported from all over the country during the 2010-2011 revolution. She risked her safety as one of the only Tunisians to criticize the repressive government openly on international broadcasts before the Jasmine Revolution began; she is often described as one of the bravest bloggers in the world. Much of Ben Mhenni’s writing focused on freedom of expression and the rights of women and students. Since her passing, she has remained a prominent name in the dissident blogger community, thanks to her writing about the incomplete state of Tunisia’s revolution, calling for continued democratic reform. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and authored two books published in several languages, including Tunisian Girl, la bloggeuse de la révolution. She was very active on social media, and her latest writings can be found on her ;blog.

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