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Terrorism and Impunity in Argentina

Argentinian lawyer Victoria Villaruel exposes a lesser-known part of her country’s history: the terrorism that took place primarily during the 1970s. She identifies two major groups—the ERP, or People’s Revolutionary Army, and the Montoneros. These groups began their attacks during a military government, but continued them during a period of democratic rule from 1973 to 1976. To this day, Villarruel laments, the assailants have not been brought to justice, and some even enjoy positions in the current government. Because the terrorists enjoy impunity, Villarruel explains, the youth of Argentina receive the message that “terrorism is a viable way to achieve political aims.” Until Argentina finally acknowledges and prosecutes these past acts of terrorism, she warns, the country’s youth may continue to believe in thetactic’s viability.

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