Stain on the Rainbow Nation

Busi Kheswa


2011 OFF in Oslo


Busi Kheswa is the director of the Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW), which promotes the rights of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women in South Africa. Kheswa discusses the disparity between South Africa’s laws banning discrimination against LGBT women and the harsh reality of the abuse these women suffer. 

My Quest for Acceptance

Audrey Mbugua
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2019

The Uyghur Crisis: China's Cultural Genocide

Nury Turkel 
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/27/2019

Freedom to Protect the Environment

Nasako Besingi
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2018

The Quest for a Better Ukraine

Svitlana Zalishcuk 
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2018

My Struggle for Burma's Future

Wai Wai Nu
2017 OFF in Oslo | 05/23/2017

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