My Quest for Acceptance

Audrey Mbugua


2019 OFF in Oslo


Audrey Mbugua is a Kenyan activist who heads Transgender Education and Advocacy (TEA), an organization that defends the rights of transgender individuals in Kenya. Mbugua takes the OFF stage to talk about Kenya’s systemic violence against the transgender community.

The Uyghur Crisis: China's Cultural Genocide

Nury Turkel 
2019 OFF in Oslo | 05/27/2019

Freedom to Protect the Environment

Nasako Besingi
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2018

The Quest for a Better Ukraine

Svitlana Zalishcuk 
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2018

My Struggle for Burma's Future

Wai Wai Nu
2017 OFF in Oslo | 05/23/2017

Coming Out in the Middle of a Revolution

Omar Sharif Jr. 
2016 OFF in Oslo | 05/25/2016

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