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Tutu Alicante

Tutu Alicante is the executive director of EG Justice, the world’s first NGO focusing on human rights, rule of law, transparency, and civil society in Equatorial Guinea. Alicante is an adversary of government abuse of power, corruption, and impunity, and a vocal critic of Equatorial Guinea’s authoritarian regime. Since graduating from Columbia Law School in 2004, he has worked on natural resource revenue transparency and human rights accountability in the Gulf of Guinea as a legal consultant for international human rights organizations. EG Justice, founded by Alicante in 2007, is the first human rights advocacy and capacity-building initiative devoted to Equatorial Guinea. The organization works with citizens to for lasting democratic reforms. Alicante holds law degrees from Columbia University and University of Tennessee. In 2017, Alicante was a speaker at the inaugural Oslo Freedom Forum in New York. Alicante writes commentary and gives interviews in international publications; and through his work at EG Justice, he monitors corruption and human rights abuses on behalf of concerned individuals and organizations who demand transparency and meaningful reform in Equatorial Guinea.

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