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Tanele Maseko 塔內萊·馬塞柯

Swazi human rights activist and CEO of the Thulani Maseko Foundation

史瓦濟蘭人權倡議者與Thulani Maseko基金會執行長

Tanele Maseko is a Swazi human rights activist and the widow of Thulani Maseko, a renowned Swazi human rights lawyer and peaceful pro-democracy leader. She campaigned for her husband’s release when he was imprisoned in 2009 for criticizing the absence of democracy in the kingdom — Africa’s last absolute monarchy — and again in 2014, after he was jailed for criticizing abuse of power in the judiciary. That year, she spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum and read a letter her husband had written in his prison cell. After witnessing her husband’s January 2023 assassination, Tanele is carrying on pro-democracy and human rights activism with resilience and grace. She is the vice chairperson of Southern Defenders, a network of human rights defenders in southern Africa, and the CEO of the Thulani Maseko Foundation.

塔內萊・馬塞柯 (Tanele Maseko) 是史瓦濟蘭人權運動家,也是史瓦濟蘭著名人權律師及非暴力民主領袖祖蘭尼・馬塞柯 (Thulani Maseko) 的遺孀。2009年,她的丈夫批評非洲最後一個絕對君權政體缺乏民主而入獄。2014年,他因批評該國司法機構濫用權力而再度入獄。塔內萊為丈夫發起一連串活動,爭取從獄中釋放。那一年她在奧斯陸自由論壇上發表講話,並朗讀了她丈夫在牢房裡寫的一封信。2023年1月,她的丈夫當時領導「跨利益相關者論壇」,那是一個民間團體聯盟,呼籲在國際調解下與該國國王進行對話,推動民主改革。可是卻發生悲慘事件,她目睹丈夫遭到暗殺。儘管如此,她仍帶著非凡韌性和優雅風度,持續推動民主和人權的相關倡議。她擔任非洲南部人權捍衛者網路「南方捍衛者」的副主席,也是祖蘭尼・馬塞柯基金會的執行長

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