Omar Mohammed

Omar Mohammed

Omar Mohammed is the Iraqi historian and citizen journalist behind Mosul Eye, a news blog that reported on conditions in Mosul during the ISIS occupation. Blogging anonymously as Mosul Eye, Mohammed disguised himself and wandered the streets of Mosul to post updates on life in the city on Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress during the city’s two-year occupation by ISIS. The blog quickly became one of few reliable sources on life under ISIS rule, helping journalists and scholars understand the atrocities committed by ISIS fighters. The blog was targeted for its diligent reporting, so Mohammed continued to hide his identity out of concern for his safety. In 2015, he decided to flee Mosul. He continued to post using intelligence from friends and relatives, but as attacks grew on the city’s residents, Mohammed’s posts became infrequent. Eventually, Mohammed received asylum in Europe.


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  • اعادة افتتاح القرية السياحية في مدينة الموصل منطقة الغابات بمنازلها السياحية الجميلة. #رسائل_من_الموصلSun Aug 19, 3:51am
  • الطريقة التي دافع بها السياسيون العراقيون عن ايران ضد العقوبات الأمريكية تشرح الكثير حول الخراب الذي تعرض له العراق منذ ٢٠٠٣.Sat Aug 18, 8:56pm
  • قبل قليل منطقة الدواسة في الموصل #رسائل_من_الموصلSat Aug 18, 5:37pm

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