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Omar Alshogre

Director of Detainee Affairs at the Syrian Emergency Task Force

[email protected]

Omar Alshogre is a Syrian public speaker, human rights advocate, and Georgetown University student who’s currently based in D.C. With the help of his mother, Omar was smuggled out of prison at the age of 20 and fled Syria after being arrested and imprisoned for participating in rallies and demonstrations against the Syrian regime. From his new home, Omar currently engages in raising awareness of the situation in Syria and leads the Syrian Emergency Task Force’s efforts to advocate for the liberation of detainees as the Director of Detainees Affairs. Omar has met with the White House, Holocaust Museum, multiple members of Congress, HRW, NYT, Washington Post, and gave lectures at Brown, Princeton, and other American universities during his time in the United States. He is also a key witness to multiple national prosecution efforts to hold the Assad regime accountable for War Crimes and will be playing an important role alongside Caesar as a key witness for future US national prosecution efforts against the Assad regime.

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