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Ketakandriana Rafitoson

Ketakandriana Rafitoson is a prominent Malagasy human rights defender, political scientist and anti-corruption activist. She co-founded two non-partisan civic movements dedicated to promoting democracy and political participation — Liberty 32 and Wake Up Madagascar. She also founded the Learning Initiative Aiming at Nonviolent Action program, promoting nonviolent civil resistance. She is the executive director of Transparency International Madagascar. She has endured threats, and judicial and online harassment for speaking out against the scourge of corruption on the island, including opaque financing of 2018 presidential candidates, and for calling for transparency in the Malagasy lucrative lychee trade. She is currently advocating, along with other Malagasy CSOs and activists, for the adoption of legislation dedicated to the protection of human rights defenders and whistleblowers in Madagascar.

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