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Jacqueline Moudeina

Jacqueline Moudeina is a prominent human rights activist and one of Chad’s first female lawyers, known for her work in the international case against former dictator Hissène Habré. Moudeina has faced immense challenges because of her work, including an assassination attempt via grenade attack in 2001 that required 15 months of medical treatment. Though many of Habré’s accomplices still hold positions of power today, Moudeina is undeterred by threats and continues to represent victims of Habré’s regime. Moudeina is a member of the Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, where she provides free legal advice and human rights awareness training. She has earned numerous international accolades, including the 2002 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders and the 2011 Right Livelihood Award. In May 2016, after 25 years of campaigning, Moudeina’s efforts paid off and Habré was finally charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity, slavery, and kidnapping in Senegal. While the court did award individual victims reparations, it rejected collective reparations and recognition of State responsibility. Moudeina is currently appealing the court’s decision on collective reparations.

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