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Alaa Murabit

A medical doctor, the founder of VLW and The Omnis Institute, Alaa Murabit is one of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Global Advocates, a United Nations High-Level Commissioner for Health Employment and Economic Growth, a TED speaker and a MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow. Alaa was recently named a 2017 Forbes Under 30 for her workin global health policy and a Harvard University Law 2017 “Women Inspiring Change”. Nicknamed the “Libyan Doogie Howser” by Jon Stewart, she founded The Voice of Libyan Women dedicated to women’s inclusion in peace processes and conflict resolution at the age of 21. She went on to found The Omnis Institute and currently serves as a trustee for The Malala Fund, International Alert, Keeping Children Safe and is an advisor to ConnectHer. Named The New York Times “International Trust Women Hero 2014”, Alaa is an Ashoka Fellow, Alaa is the youngest Marisa Bellisario International Humanitarian Award recipient, a Newsweek “25 under 25 to watch”,a BBC News“100 Top Woman”, the 2015 SAFE Global Hero and a Virgin Unite Changemaker. Her TED Talk was named “TED Talk of the Day” and one of four“moving TED Talks to watch right now” by The New York Times.

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