Tyrants & Tech

Philippa Thomas, Nico Sell, CJ Adams, Mac-Jordan Degadjor, Michael Anti


2014 OFF in Oslo


Philippa Thomas moderates the “Tyrants and Technology” panel featuring Nico Sell, Michael Anti, CJ Adams, and Mac-Jordan Degadjor at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum. In an increasingly connected world, how does the individual maintain a modicum of privacy, or, in the case of closed societies, maintain access to the outside world?

Freedom is the Future

Steve Jurvetson
2021 OFF in Oslo | 10/04/2021

A Surveillance Story

Arthur Holland Michel 
2021 OFF in Oslo | 10/04/2021

Adapting to the Rise of Authoritarianism

Audrey Tang
2020 OFF in Oslo | 09/24/2020

Disinformation, Bitcoin, and the Open Internet

Jack Dorsey 
2020 OFF in Oslo | 09/25/2020

Faure Must Go

Farida Nabourema
2018 OFF in Oslo | 05/29/2018

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