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Yevgenia Albats

Yevgenia Albats is a Russian investigative journalist and political scientist who currently serves as the editor-in-chief of the Russian political weekly The New Times. Albats has been recognized worldwide for her political and scientific journalism, receiving the Golden Pen Award in 1989 for her investigation of poor conditions in Russian maternity wards. In 1992, Albats became the first Soviet journalist to investigate the KGB, later authoring “The State Within A State: KGB and Its Hold On Russia Past, Present and Future.” In this watershed work, Albats argues that despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the KGB maintains a strong influence on civil society, making the achievement of democracy in Russia nearly impossible. Albats was awarded the Alfred Friendly Fellowship in 1990 and worked as a Niemann Fellow at Harvard University in 1993. Currently, she teaches political science at The Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

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