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Wu’er Kaixi 吾爾開希

General Secretary at the Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission


Wu’er Kaixi was born in China in 1968, a Uyghur national. He was one of the founders and key organizers of the 1989 Tiananmen student movement. Listed as No. 2 on the Chinese government’s most wanted student leaders after the June 4 massacre, he fled the country and started his exile life. He lives in Taiwan, where he remains an active human rights and democracy activist as well as a celebrated political commentator and columnist. He serves as the general secretary of the Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, emeritus board member of the Reporters Without Borders, honorary president of the Ilham Tohti Institute, and honorary chairman for Campaign for Uyghurs.

吾爾開希於1968年出生在中國,屬維吾爾族。他是1989年天安門學生運動的發起人和主要組織者之一。六四大屠殺後,他成為中國政府通緝學生領袖名單上的第二位,因而逃離中國,開始流亡生活。他現居台灣,仍然是一位活躍的人權民主倡議家,也是著名的政治評論家和專欄作家。現任台灣立法院人權委員會秘書長、無國界記者組織名譽理事、 伊力哈木・土赫提研究所名譽會長、維吾爾運動名譽主席。

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