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Tomas van Houtryve

Tomas van Houtryve is an internationally renowned photojournalist with the VII photo agency. Van Houtryve was named the 2010 POYi Photographer of the Year. He is a recipient of the Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents and the Perpignan Young Photographer Award. His work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including TIME,Newsweek, National Geographic, and Foreign Policy. A former student of philosophy, van Houtryve’s interest in photography began during a period of study in Nepal. After graduating, he began work for the Associated Press, initially covering Latin America and later reporting on Guantanamo Bay. Solo exhibitions of his work have been shown in Paris, New York, Spain, and Italy. In 2003, van Houtryve returned to Nepal to conduct independent documentation of Maoist rebellions there, the first of several long-term projects focusing on communism and communist governments in the 21st century. His 2012 book, Behind the Curtains of 21st Century Communism, explores North Korea,Cuba, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, and Moldova—the world’s last vestiges of communist rule. Van Houtryve’s photographs for the project explore the stark gulf between the high ideals of communism and the harsh, totalitarian reality in these countries.

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