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Tatsiana Khomich

Tatsiana Khomich became an activist in May 2020, when she joined Viktar Babaryka team, the most popular presidential candidate, for the presidential campaign. For almost 10 years before Tatsiana was a Business Analyst in the IT sphere. Using her background in the IT, Tatsiana headed the campaign’s media team. Tatsiana’s life changed tremendously after her sister, Maria Kalesnikava’s, detention in September 2020. Since that time Tatsiana has engaged in advocating around the globe about the plight of political prisoners in Belarus. Tatsiana has delivered testimony at the most prestigious platforms, including President Biden’s recent Summit for Democracy, the Geneva Human Rights Platform, the European Parliament, the US Congress and national European parliaments. She has coordinated activities to encourage parliamentarians to “adopt” political prisoners in Belarus and coordination of campaigns to support them. In 2021 she awarded the JohnMcCain award from the International Republican Institute for fighting for democracy

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