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Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair is an American photojournalist known for her explorations of human rights and gender. She is a regular contributor to publications such as ;National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, and TIME. Sinclair’s exhibitions have included “The Bride Price: The consequences of Early Marriage Worldwide,” a one-day exhibit on Capitol Hill sponsored by the International Center for Research on Women, and “Self-Immolation in Afghanistan: A Cry for Help,” an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Arts in 2010. Sinclair is the recipient of UNICEF’s Photo of the Year and the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism Freelens Award for her work documenting child marriage. In 2012, Sinclair and Jessica Dimmock made a short documentary, “Too Young to Wed,” about underage marriages in the developing world. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism and a concentration in fine art photography, Sinclair covered the beginning of the Iraq War for The Chicago Tribune. She then moved to Beirut, Lebanon, and worked in the region for six years as a freelance photographer. Sinclair has extensively documented child marriage in several countries. She has explored topics that include female circumcision in Indonesia and women’s issues in Afghanistan. In addition to her work in Afghanistan, her project on underage marriage has taken her to Nepal, India,Ethiopia, Tanzania and Yemen. In 2008, Sinclair joined the ;VII photo agency and became a full member.She won the 2008 CARE International Award for Humanitarian Reportage, the 2009 Overseas Press Club’s Olivier Rebbot Award, and UNICEF’s Photo of the Year in 2009. She is also the recipient of an Alexia Foundation Professional Grant. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Sinclair continues to document sensitive gender and human rights issues around the world through her photography.

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