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Silvanos Mudzvova

Silvanos Mudzvova is a Zimbabwean actor, playwright,and activist involved in the Tajamuka (“We are rising up”)protest group. Mudzvova directs the national theater group Vhitori Entertainment Trust, which was established in 2003 in response to the country’s human rights,democracy, and good governance crises. Mudzvova was first arrested in 2007 after performing the satirical play,“The Final Push.” He was briefly detained again in April 2016 after staging a one-man play outside Zimbabwe’Parliament. The play — “Missing Diamonds, I Need MyShare” — was inspired by controversy surrounding Robert Mugabe’s public statement that mining companies stole billions from country’s diamond industry; many believe the money was pocketed by top Zimbabwean officials. In September 2016, Mudzvova was abducted from his home and tortured after staging a play about Zimbabweans planning their own Arab Spring uprising. Now, to avoid arrest, Mudzvova performs what he calls “hit-and-run stunts” in public places.

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