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Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter is managing director at Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas) and oversees the fulfillment of the team’s overall strategy to eradicate online repressive censorship. Carpenter is a graduate of the John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies with a master’s in international economics and European studies. Before joining Google, Carpenter spent seven years at the International Republican Institute (IRI), a Washington-based nonprofit promoting democracy around the world. He established and co-directed IRI’s Central and Eastern Europe regional office in Slovakia. He subsequently served as deputy assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor for the Middle East, China, and Southeast Asia. He then joined the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a Keston Family Fellow, directing Project Fikra, a program designed to empower Arab democrats in resisting authoritarianism and religious extremism. During the Arab Spring, Project Fikra provided both political analysis of breaking developments and policy suggestions for U.S. officials and emerging Arab governments. From 2015-16, Carpenter was the director of Google’s Free Expression at Google Ideas helping to end repressive online censorship. Carpenter is an adjunct fellow with the Washington Institute and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

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