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Sakdiyah Ma’ruf 薩克迪亞·馬魯夫

Indonesia’s first Muslim female standup comic


Sakdiyah Ma’ruf is a stand-up comedian from Indonesia whose comic routine advocates for individual rights and challenges Islamic fundamentalism. She grew up watching US-based comedians and decided to use the same medium to talk about issues plaguing her own country. In the face of rising extremism and violence, Ma’ruf is using stand-up comedy as a platform to speak up for free expression and the rights of women. Television producers have asked her to censor her jokes, but she has refused to be silenced. For Ma’ruf, comedy mirrors a culture’s hypocrisy, and she’s constantly striving for truth in her acts by speaking up against growing fundamentalism in Indonesia. She is a 2015 Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent Laureate, one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2018, one of BBC’s 12 Artists That Changed the World in 2019, among many other accolades.

薩克迪亞·馬魯夫是一位來自印尼的單口喜劇演員,她的喜劇作品倡導關注個人的權利並挑戰伊斯蘭原教旨主義。 從童年看到美國喜劇,長大以後決定用同樣的方式來討論困擾她自己國家的問題。面對日漸擴張的極端主義和暴力,馬魯夫利用單口喜劇作為表演形式為言論自由和女性權利發聲。電視台及製片人對她的作品進行嚴格的審查,但她不畏強權,拒绝保持沉默。對馬魯夫來說,喜劇反映了一種文化的虛偽,而她透過反對印尼日益增長的原教旨主義,不斷地在自己的作品中追求真理。 薩克迪亞 獲得了許多榮譽,包括2015 年瓦茨拉夫·哈維爾創意異議獎得主、BBC 2018 年 100 名女性之一、BBC 2019 年改變世界的 12 位藝術家之一等等。

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