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Oleksandra Matviichuk (馬特維丘克)

Oleksandra Matviichuk is a human rights defender who works on issues in Ukraine and the OSCE region. At present, she heads the human rights organization Center For Civil Liberties, and also coordinates the work of the initiative group Euromaidan SOS. The activities of the Center for Civil Liberties are aimed at protecting human rights and establishing democracy in Ukraine and the OSCE region. The organization is developing legislative changes, exercises public oversight over law enforcement agencies and judiciary, conducts educational activities for young people, and implements international solidarity programs.


馬特維丘克(Oleksandra Matviichuk)是一名人權捍衛者,致力為烏克蘭和歐洲安全暨合作組織(OSCE)地區的各項議題進行倡議。目前,她主責烏克蘭的公民自由中心,並協調倡議組織烏克蘭親歐廣場運動SOS(Euromaidan SOS)的相關工作。公民自由中心旨在保障人權並在烏克蘭和歐洲安全暨合作組織地區推動民主發展。該中心正在進行立法改革,對執法和司法機構進行公共監督,為年輕人提供教育活動,並實施各項國際團結串連計劃。

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