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Nathan Law || 羅冠聰

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activist (香港民主運動家)


Nathan Law is a young Hong Kong activist, currently in exile and based in London. Nathan was elected as the youngest Legislative Councilor in history. Yet his seat was overturned in July 2017 following Beijing’s constitutional reinterpretation, despite international criticism. Nathan was later jailed for his participation in the 2014 Umbrella Movement. In 2018, Nathan and his fellow student activists Joshua Wong and Alex Chow were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by US congressmen and British parliament members. Due to the risk imposed by the draconian National Security Law, Nathan left Hong Kong and continues to speak up for Hong Kong people on the international level. In 2020, he was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME. In March 2021, he was named a Pritzker Fellow at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. In December 2021, Nathan was invited as the only speaker from Hong Kong in “Summit for Democracy” hosted by the Biden administration, and delivered a speech which reminds everyone how important our democratic values and freedoms are.


羅冠聰(Nathan Law)是一名年輕的香港民主運動家,目前流亡並定居倫敦。2014年雨傘運動期間,羅冠聰是與政府對話的五名代表之一,參與政治改革的辯論。始終秉持著非暴力公民行動的精神,羅冠聰、黃之鋒和其他的學生運動領袖,共同在2016年成立香港眾志,並參與立法會的選舉。羅冠聰獲選為香港歷史上最年輕的立法會議員。2017年7月,儘管國際輿論一片撻伐,北京當局介入詮釋立法會規定,撤銷羅冠聰的議員資格。接著,羅冠聰因為參與雨傘運動而遭到監禁。2018年,羅冠聰和他其他的學運盟友黃之鋒和周永康,獲得美國和英國國會議員提名諾貝爾和平獎。由於香港國安法所帶來的風險,羅冠聰離開香港,並繼續在國際上為香港人民發聲。

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