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Mutabar Tadjibaeva

Mutabar Tadjibaeva is an Uzbekistani human rights activist and independent journalist. In 2005, she was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for denouncing the Uzbekistani government’s persecution of human rights defenders. While incarcerated, Tadjibaeva endured forced sterilization and severe torture by prison guards. After intensive pressures by diplomats and human rights organizations, she was freed in June 2008. Tadjibaeva has repeatedly appealed to Uzbekistani authorities for an investigation into the violations she suffered while in prison, but her claims have never been investigated and those responsible have never been prosecuted. Tadjibaeva is the founder and chairwoman of the Fiery Hearts Club, a human rights organization based in Ferghana, and is also a founder of the national movement Civil Society. In 2008, she received the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, and the Fiery Hearts Club was awarded the French Republic’s “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Prize. In 2015, the UNHRC voted in favor of Tadjibaeva, who in 2012 had submitted a complaint accusing Uzbek authorities of arresting, raping and torturing her between 2002 – 2009. The UNHRC committee decided that Uzbekistan authorities had violated multiple ICCPR articles and must open an investigation into Tadjibaeva’s claims. Today, Tadjibaeva lives in France in political exile and continues to do advocacy work remotely through the Fiery Hearts Club. Her work includes investigating and preparing complaints for the UN, documenting victim’s statements, and promoting immigrant rights.

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