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Mohamed Nagi Alassam

Sudanese doctor and pro-democracy activist

Middle East and North Africa

Mohamed Nagi Alassam is a 28-year-old medical doctor who helped lead the longest doctors’ strike in history during the Sudanese revolution, which continued until the fall of Omar Al-Bashir’s regime.

Alassam then became the spokesperson and member of the executive committee of the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), which played a pivotal role in mobilizing and organizing the public in Sudan in a peaceful revolution. He was arrested on January 4, 2019 after becoming the first member of the SPA to come out publicly. He was released after 98 days in prison. 

After his release he represented the SPA in the civilian-military internationally-mediated negotiation process leading to the transitional  constitutional document paving the way for a power sharing agreement.