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Miriam Lanskoy

Miriam Lanskoy is a scholar, author, and senior director for Russia and Eurasia at the National Endowment for Democracy. She has an extensive background in policy analysis related to post-Soviet Eurasia, as well as democracy promotion in the region. Lanskoy received her PhD in international affairs from Boston University, completing her dissertation on social and political issues in the North Caucasus, the Russian presidency, and the Chechen wars. Shortly afterwards she became a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2010, Dr. Lanskoy co-authored “The Chechen Struggle: Independence Won and Lost,” a book on Chechnya’s two wars against Russia. In addition, she has published multiple articles in a number of scholarly journals, such as the SAIS Review and the Journal of Democracy. She has also appeared before Congress to discuss political developments in Russia and Eurasia, on PBS Newshour, and in multiple conference lectures and panel discussions.

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