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Justin Kosslyn

Justin Kosslyn is a product manager at ;Google Ideas, an interdisciplinary think tank dedicated to applying technological solutions to global challenges. Since graduating from Yale University, Kosslyn has served as product manager for Google News and Google AdSense for TV. Kosslyn is also on the advisory board for RDataVox, a non-profit organization network of journalists, statisticians,cartographers, and programmers who collaborate with U.S. ethnic media to empower immigrant communities. As a product manager at Google Ideas, Kosslyn works with engineers, designers,marketers, and lawyers to create and launch new features and products. Google Ideas—the company’s “think/do” tank—focuses on the application of technology to enable individuals to confront threats in the face of conflict,instability, and repression. Through his work at Google Ideas, Kosslyn launched the ;Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network, and has helped design features and products for Google News and Google Docs.

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