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Joey Siu 邵嵐

Hong Kong activist


Joey Siu is a Hong Kong activist based in Washington, D.C, who played a vital role in Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests. She organized city-wide protests and co-founded a student advocacy coalition. After fleeing in 2020, she served as an advisor to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China and a policy advisor to Hong Kong Watch. Siu is also a dedicated advocate for the Tibetan, Uyghur, and other communities oppressed by the Chinese Community Party. In exile, she’s spearheaded a cross-movement coalition with cross-movement young activists and successful advocacy initiatives, including the #NoBeijing2022 campaign. Siu is currently a Freedom Fellow at the Human Rights Foundation, Asia Pacific coordinator for the World Liberty Congress, advisor to the Athenai Institute, and handles the Hong Kong program at the National Democratic Institute.

香港民運人士邵嵐(Joey Siu),現居華盛頓特區,在香港2019年的民主抗議活動中扮演要角。她組織了範圍擴及整個香港的抗議活動,並與夥伴共同創立一個學生倡議聯盟。2020年她被迫流亡,擔任「對華政策跨國議會聯盟」顧問和「香港監察」政策顧問。蕭也致力為藏人、維吾爾人和其他遭中國共產黨壓迫的族群倡議。在流亡期間,她領導了一個橫跨不同社會運動的聯盟,與不同領域的年輕倡議運動者協力,成功發起各項倡議,包括#NoBeijing2022行動。邵嵐目前是人權基金會的自由學者、世界自由大會亞太區協調員、雅典研究所顧問,並負責國際民主協會的香港計畫。

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