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Jaroslav Likhachevsky

Co-founder of New Belarus

Jaroslav Likhachevsky is a Belarusian-Dutch tech entrepreneur and CEO of the Dutch AI in healthcare company Deepdee. Since 2020, Jaroslav has been contributing to Belarusian civil society. He is the founder of the Belarus Solidarity Foundation (NL), which supports activists and families of political prisoners fighting against the dictatorship in Belarus. The foundation uses Bitcoin as the main savings and private cross-border payment mechanism. In 2021, together with Co-Founder Pavel Liber, Jaroslav started the development of the prototype for the Belarusian democratic digital state – the New Belarus project. The project aims to create a digital infrastructure to organize social and political life for Belarusian people regardless of their current physical location. The digital state is designed to use a BTC+UDST solution as a basis for the national financial system.

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