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Guadalupe Llori

Guadalupe Llori is an Ecuadorian politician, indigenous leader, and former prisoner of conscience. Llori is the governor of the Orellana province. In 2007, President Rafael Correa accused Llori of leading protests in Orellana against the government for its failure to complete local development projects. The government brutally repressed the protests and Llori spoke out in the national media against the crackdown. In December 2007, Llori was arrested in her home in a massive 700-man armed military operation. She was incarcerated on charges of “terrorism” and “sabotage” and endured months of harsh treatment, beatings, and forced labor. In September 2008, following a campaign launched by the Human Rights Foundation, Llori was released. “Long live the Human Rights Foundation! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I am infinitely grateful to HRF for establishing my innocence and for having defended my cause and the cause of my people,” she said shortly after her release. She was later reelected as governor of Orellana province. Currently she is involved in Ecuadorean indigenous peoples rights, and dialogue between sectors of indigenous groups.

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