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Chung Ching Kwong (鄺頌晴)

Chung Ching Kwong is a political and digital rights activist from Hong Kong. Previously, she was the founder and spokesperson of Keyboard Frontline, an organization dedicated to monitoring censorship and digital rights, and a columnist at Apple Daily. Glacier first got involved in activism in 2012 due to the Copyright Amendment Bill in Hong Kong. Now pursuing her Ph.D in Law at the University of Hamburg, she is currently the Hong Kong Campaigns Coordinator at the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC).


鄺頌晴是來自香港的政治運動和數位維權倡議家。在此之前,她是Keyboard Frontline的創始人和發言人,這是一個致力於監督審查和數位維權的組織 ,他也是 Apple Daily 的專欄作家,最一開始在 2012年,由於香港的版權修訂條例草案而首次參與維權活動。她現在在漢堡大學攻讀法學博士學位,目前是對華政策跨國議會聯盟(IPAC) 的香港倡議協調專家。

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