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Gabrielė Šabūnaitė

Gabrielė Šabūnaitė is a co-founder of Less Stress, an innovative mental health platform, providing personalized support for improving mental wellbeing, productivity, and systemic integrity. Less Stress provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for mental wellness with a focus on interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration. With a master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainable Development, Šabūnaitė has spent over 12 years working on international projects at organizations such as Amnesty International, The ASHA Foundation, and the NIS Foundation, where she has served as a project manager, consultant, and finance advisor, applying her skills to important issues such as mental health, peace building, design thinking and sustainability. Šabūnaitė has been studying under world-renowned trauma and socio-psychological experts like T. Hubl, G. Mate, R. Spira, S. Pyethon, and B. Rott since 2016.

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