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Fernando del Rincón

Renowned Mexican reporter and television producer

The Americas

Fernando del Rincón is a journalist, producer, and former anchor of “Conclusiones,” CNN en Español’s popular nightly news program. Prior to joining CNN en Español, del Rincón worked as a news anchor for Televisa Monterrey. He has also worked as a reporter and investigative journalist for Univision, and has been a contributor to Reforma newspaper. Del Rincón has been named best news anchor by People en Español magazine for three consecutive years. He has covered such events as the elections in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, as well as the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War. Following his bold coverage of the 2014 student protests in Venezuela, del Rincón was criticized publicly by President Nicolas Maduro and denied credentials by the Venezuelan government to cover local elections in the country.

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