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Fang Zheng

Fang Zheng is a Chinese activist and lifelong athlete. On June 4, 1989, while evacuating the Tiananmen Square student protests, Fang was run over by a tank, leading to the amputation of his legs. China’s government pressured Fang to say that he had been in a road accident; Fang refused. Despite persecution, Fang became a voice of truth, fighting the government’s narrative that he and his fellow protesters had used violence against government troops, provoking their violent response. Fang also pursued a career as an athlete, and in 1994, was China’s best disabled discus thrower, winning two gold medals at the third All-China Disabled Athletic Games. Fang continues to advocate for the truth about Tiananmen Square and against China’s repressive government. Fang has been a celebrated speaker at Tiananmen Square anniversary events and currently serves as the president ;of the Chinese Democracy Education Foundation.

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