Speakers From 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum

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The seventh annual conference united dissidents, activists, artists, journalists, and changemakers to share stories of living in truth and confronting authoritarianism.

  • Ji Seong-ho

    Ji Seong-ho

    North Korean refugee and president of Now Action and Unity for Human Rights, an NGO that advocates for a free North Korea.

  • Zineb El Rhazoui

    Zineb El Rhazoui

    Moroccan-born French journalist and columnist for Charlie Hebdo.

  • Saad Mohseni

    Saad Mohseni

    Chairman and CEO of the MOBY Group, a media company serving more than 300 million people from Central Asia to North Africa.

  • Andrés Velasco

    Andrés Velasco

    Economist, development expert, and former finance minister of Chile.

  • Nurul Izzah Anwar

    Nurul Izzah Anwar

    Malaysian MP and daughter of imprisoned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

  • Alaa Murabit

    Alaa Murabit

    Libyan human rights advocate and founder of The Voice of Libyan Women, an NGO that aims to involve more women in conflict mediation.

  • Colin Crowell

    Colin Crowell

    Internet technology policy expert and vice president of Global Public Policy at Twitter.

  • Rayma Suprani

    Rayma Suprani

    Venezuelan political cartoonist fired for a cartoon criticizing the government.

  • Kenan Malik

    Kenan Malik

    Indian-born English free expression advocate, historian, and scientific author.

  • Shiraz Maher

    Shiraz Maher

    Expert on Islamic extremism and Senior Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King's College London.

  • Mustafa Akyol

    Mustafa Akyol

    Turkish author and journalist.

  • Pravit Rojanaphruk

    Pravit Rojanaphruk

    Persecuted Thai journalist and dissident.

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