Evan Mawarire

Evan Mawarire

Evan Mawarire is a civil rights activist, pastor, and leader of the #ThisFlag movement in Zimbabwe. Mawarire first gained considerable attention on social media following a video he posted in April 2016 that expressed his frustration with the state of the nation and Robert Mugabe's government. He encourages peaceful protest and urges people to refuse to pay bribes and stand up for their rights. In July 2016, the #ThisFlag campaign resulted in a mass movement of Zimbabweans shutting down the capital in a series of protests against corruption, poverty, and abuse of office by the Mugabe regime. Mawarire was charged with inciting public violence and "attempting to overthrow the government." The court later threw out the charges and released him.


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  • @faraihwingwiri If we do to them what they did to us then we are as bad as them and represent no chance for the restart to be differentSat Nov 25, 3:08am
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