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Clara Rojas

Clara Rojas is a Colombian lawyer and politician who was held captive for six years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group. In 2002, Rojas was serving as manager of the presidential campaign for former senator Ingrid Betancourt when they were both abducted in southern Colombia by FARC guerrillas. During her captivity, Rojas gave birth to a son, who was taken away from her to be raised by a farmer. Rojas was released by the FARC in 2009, and reunited with her son. She became the director of Free Country, an organization that counsels the relatives of hostages, and wrote three books, including a memoir of her time as a hostage, called “Captive.” In March 2014, Rojas was elected to a seat in the Colombian congress. Rojas remains a high profile public figure in Colombia. She focuses on civil society issues, particularly women and children’s health and security, via writing opinion pieces, her website, and social media posts.

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