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Chemi Lhamo 哲米.拉姆

Tibetan activist and Community Organizer


Chemi Lhamo is the Canadian representative for the International Tibet Network’s Steering Committee and serves on the Leadership Council of the World Liberty Congress and the Board of Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. She has also  recently joined Students for a Free Tibet as the campaigns director. As a human rights activist and community organizer, she’s recognized in Maclean’s Top 50 Power List of 2022, Canada’s national current affairs and news magazine. Lhamo has previously served as the CEO and president of the Student’s Union at the University of Toronto Scarborough and Community Health Lead at Parkdale People’s Economy. She has also served on the boards of the Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario and Students for a Free Tibet Canada.

哲米.拉姆是國際西藏網絡指導委員會的加拿大代表並在世界自由大會領導委員會和 Parkdale社區土地信託委員會任職。 她最近也加入了自由西藏學生組織,並擔任活動總監。  作為倡議者和社區組織者,她被加拿大著名時事和新聞雜誌《Maclean’s》列為2022年度50位最有權威人物之一。拉姆曾任多倫多大學士嘉堡校區學生會的執行長和主席也是公民倡議組織Parkdale People’s Economy的社區健康主任。她曾擔任加拿大安大略省藏人協會和加拿大自由西藏學生組織的委員。

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